Human Resources


HR Policy of Our Company;

is to benefit from our human resources by becoming an international brand by increasing our market share as an industry-leading global company that is open to change; resource-efficient, sensitive to environment and occupational health and safety; complies with quality standards; continuously improves the quality of its products and services according to customer requests; follows and implements technological developments; and believes in the creativity of its employees.

This is why our dynamic and creative company, seeking perfection, will augment the happiness of those who prefer us with our capability to do better.

Our HR Principles and Values:

In order to develop the human resources with the consciousness of the value of human resources;

  • Specifying human resources qualities;
  • Establishing and implementing systems for employee selection and recruitment;
  • Providing added-value to the performance of the company through investing in human resources;
  • Ensuring HR's participation in the management as a strategic partner;
  • Generating contented employees who are loyal to the company;
  • Developing systems that will promote achievement and creativity;
  • Providing training opportunities that will enhance the knowledge and skills of employees;
  • Ensuring that employees can reach the information they require in the shortest possible time;
  • Creating labor conditions in an environment that is based on ethical values, respect and trust;
  • Sustaining effective and positive relations with the labor union;
  • Conducting target and result oriented studies;
  • Fulfilling the requests and expectations of customers and conducting a result-oriented work;
  • Becoming a leading company in which people would want to work.



Selection and Job Placement

Providing equal opportunity during recruitment, employing effective human resources who will commit to and cooperate with the company and will carry Ege Seramik to the future are our fundamental principles. This is why we select our employees from among candidates that will completely fulfill the values and qualifications of the position. Students who have completed their internships at our company are also our potential candidates.

Even though job interviews are shaped according to the position, personality tests, competence evaluation, and skill tests can be used when required by the position. Furthermore, we implement a multi-staged interview system in order to ensure that candidates can meet with the managers they will work with. Candidates who are found eligible as a result of all these evaluations receive a job offer from HR.

Orientation training for those who start their job at Ege Seramik is part of the recruitment process. The purpose of orientation training is to inform the new recruit about the general work flow at our company, corporate culture and management systems, and issues that relate to occupational safety as well as to reduce labor turnover by accelerating the adaptation period and ensuring his/her adjustment to the job.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a process that is designed in order to monitor, assess and improve the performance of our employees. White-collar employees of Ege Seramik pass through a competence and target oriented performance evaluation system once a year. This performance evaluation system is based on the principle of clarity, and the assessments are done according to an objective and systematic structure. The employee and manager come together and participate in the performance interview. The past year's performance is assessed, the upcoming year's targets are reviewed and eventually an understanding is reached. This system also aims at establishing an environment of good communication, cooperation and solidarity between the assessor and the assessee. The targets are determined top-down in accordance with the general policies of the company. Performance evaluation results are taken into consideration in deciding reward, training planning, career planning, and promotion practices.