Management Systems

As Ege Seramik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we are fulfilling our environmental responsibilities in all our operations by prioritizing the health, safety, and satisfaction of all our employees and of all concerned parties in accordance with an effective quality management system.

Our Company's Practices

ISO 9001- 2008 Quality Management System

Ege Seramik is certified with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 (TSE – Turkey) and, with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (DQS – Germany) Quality System Certificates, which are awarded to companies that have achieved international quality standards in design, product development, production, facility and services. Ege Seramik has been operating since 1994 while continuously improving itself, and is the first company to receive the ISO 9001 certificate within the ceramic industry of Turkey.

We conceive our customers and suppliers as a whole, and it is essential that all our employees conduct according to the teamwork spirit and comply with the established rules and systems in order for us to achieve our target of "providing high quality products and services to our customers".

The voice of our customers start at the stage of product development at our company and reverberates across the stages of product presentation, purchasing, production, and shipment. Generating customer value is one of the top priorities of our company. Surveys and other methods are used in order to comprehend and fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers correctly and fully.

Integrated Management System Policy

As a dynamic and creative company that is seeking perfection, and with our principles of contented customers, healthy and happy employees and a clean environment, we commit to:

  • have a share among international brands by gradually increasing our market share;
  • Use raw materials and technologies that have less adverse impact on the environment, and to have more ratio of recycling in the design of products and processes;
  • Prevent environmental pollution, and use our natural resources efficiently;
  • Ensure the recycling of waste that results from our operations and dispose it without causing damage to the environment;
  • Conduct risk management effectively and eliminate factors that might harm the environment or our employees, visitors or suppliers;
  • Increase the awareness of our employees, customers, and suppliers who might impact the quality of our products and services, about the Integrated Management System;
  • Meet the regulatory and other requirements, regularly review our Integrated Management System, and continuously improve our performance through the participation of our employees.

Manufacturing flooring, wall, and glazed porcelain tiles, our company will augment the happiness of those who prefer us with our capability to do better.

Environment – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

For a sustainable future that is open for development, an inextricable part of our activities consist of taking all necessary measures in order to minimize the adverse effects of our operations on environment; guiding our employees on the issues of Occupational Health and Safety in all departments; and taking Occupational Health and Safety measures at our workplace.

Our Occupational Health and Safety committee meets monthly and maintains the continuity of our safe work environment. Our Workplace Health Unit provides full-time services to our employees. There is a fire truck and trained personnel at our company.

Listed operations of our company contributes both to the protection of environment and to the economy of the country.

  • At each step of the process starting from design, all necessary measures are taken to assess and minimize the environmental impact that may arise from using our products.
  • Used packaging waste are classified and stored in such a way as not to harm the environment, and then are disposed through licensed companies, in accordance with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Control Regulation.
  • Arrangements that are required in order to recycle packaging material that we supply to the market were made and these packaging materials are being recycled.
  • We have minimized our hazardous waste, and waste oil, waste cell batteries, waste batteries, and packaging waste that has been contaminated with hazardous waste are sent to the licensed companies and are recycled.
  • Treatment sludge that is generated at the wastewater treatment facility is reused.
  • Water that is treated at our wastewater treatment facility is reused, and in this way we reduce the amount of water that is being discharged and hence minimize our level of water consumption.
  • Resources are used efficiently.
  • Factors that may cause environmental pollution are being identified and brought under control, and these factors are prevented by ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Scrap and waste that result from our operations are being identified, taken under control, and we ensure the recycling of scrap and waste and the disposal of nonrecyclable waste through lawful means.

Occupational Health and Safety Management

As Ege Seramik, we implement systems for guiding our employees with respect to issues on Occupational Health and Safety; for identifying measures about occupation health and safety at our workplace; for installing necessary protective shields on machines and workbenches in a safe way; for establishing a work order that will ensure Occupational Health and Safety on issues such as established work procedures, used material, personal protection gears, and workplace sanity at all our departments.

Furthermore, our present Occupational Health and Safety committee meets monthly and contributes to these efforts. Our Workplace Health Unit provides full-time services to our employees. There is a fire truck and trained personnel at our company.

Social Responsibility

Ege Seramik aims at transforming its social responsibility requirements into a corporate culture, and it is aware of its responsibilities to the society that has uplifted it. With this awareness, in order to fulfill its duty to the society, Ege Seramik is supporting Social Responsibility projects (product aid that is supplied to public institutions and agencies, educational projects, protection of nature), systematically follows and enhances practices. Ege Seramik complies with the Social Compatibility standards while conducting its activities, and it undertakes to have its employees receive all benefits that arise from governing labor laws and relevant standards; to comply with Occupational Health and Safety rules; and to act accordingly in order to avoid polluting the environment.

Our Social Responsibility Policy

Ege Seramik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. accords priority treatment to issues that relate to increasing the health, safety, and satisfaction of our employees. As Ege Seramik San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we undertake to:

  • Continue implementing the ongoing principle of working on voluntary basis;
  • Not to employ underage children at our company which operates within the scope of manual labor and hazardous occupation;
  • Continue to show respect to union membership and rights of collective bargaining with the same sensitivity it has shown;
  • Ensure the continuation of regular health and safety training; regular controls and improvements; and of the safe and sanitary work environment that is being provided;
  • Pay salaries that are based on legal requirements and collective agreements;
  • Implement the provisions of the labor legislation and of the Collective Agreement in determining working hours;
  • Avoid discrimination based on religion, language, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, union membership, political views in recruitment, training, promotion, retirement; and provide equality of opportunity to the employees who are at the same position;
  • Ensure continuity in employment;
  • Comply with the provisions of the Labor Code No. 4857 and relevant regulations with regard to providing the work conditions in an environment that is based on respect and trust within the scope of ethical values, and disallowing abuses; implement and ensure the continuation of practices that are relevant to ETI Base Code Standards, with an understanding that aims for continuous improvement.